xiaomi opened online stores in the United States, temporarily not selling mobile phone

xiaomi in San Francisco American recently held a news conference, vice president of globalHugo Barra announced xiaomi America website and online store will come online in the near future, but the store is temporarily not selling mobile phone, but the main xiaomi bracelet,mobile power supply, Headset products. In addition, this year will also be in other area xiaomi opened online stores. 0

Why not sell mobile phone and tablet, is due to hardware certification, software testing,infrastructure and other reasons, the bracelet, mobile power supply, mobile phoneaccessories will not meet regulatory issues. When the mobile phone sales, not sure.

The establishment of online stores in the America, will enhance the visibility of xiaomi in theUSA, in the domestic market gradually saturated, to enter the overseas market is a good choice.


xiaomi acquisition design company

Yesterday, the company announced the acquisition of wholly-owned xiaomi company RIGODesign design, and will absorb the entire team. RIGO will be used as an independent Department of xiaomi, its founder, Zhu Yin will serve as chief designer, and served as the Department responsible person.

Design company as a major service in the Internet industry, RIGODesign provides a design scheme for many domestic IT enterprises and mobile Internet Co, helped millet design MIUIV5, V6 and millet TV works, has designed the legend under Le Phone, Skylight, eBox game machine, and the workshop of innovation flag the mobile phone UI mobile phone poison bully snack manipulation system UI, Kingsoft etc..

According to the insiders, blame millet has been difficult to get rid of the product design “plagiarism”, through the acquisition of design company, strengthen oneself in product design strength, but also to their own short board strong supplement for  xiaomi.

xiaomi Note started to experience

Compared to the previous works, xiaomi Note is currently the best looking xiaomi mobile phone, it is also for this reason, the conference you see Lei Jun talk of work, the new flagship design, now the question arises,how does it feels like?

Because the xiaomi Note uses a 5.7 inch screen size, after in order to strengthen the grip of user, thinner, lighter is a must to do, besides this, back of xiaomi note is used in 3D arc of glass material, this is better  than the iPhone 6 Plus grip .

In addition,  front of the fuselage uses the 2.5D screen, but not like a circular fuselage frame design for 6 iPhone, but with the xiaomi 4 as processing mode, so 2.5D screen to the fuselage frame over is not natural.

Of course, this mobile phone work continues use  the xiaomi 4 ‘s advantages, but the details of the deal is better than the latter, such as metal and glass xiaomi Note although the existence of the gap, but the gap is better than iPhone 6 Plus more closely, at least not clip the hair.

xiaomi  Note with Xiaolong 801+3GB memory, performance need not worry too much, although the screen is 1080p level, but the display effect is still quite can, and system, in order to take care of its large screen, the new system into single hand operation mode (3.5 inch 4 inch 4.5 inch three mode), such as the bottom of the screen Home button to the left or to the right call out a single hand mode.

xiaomi note

xiaomi note-2

Huawei Mate7 sales over 2000000 pcs

Huawei mobile phone PDT product line manager Bruce Lee said, Huawei Mate7 also won the Best Of The Best Hurun best intelligent mobile phone Rookie Award, Hu also said, through their research, Mate7 has become one of the most loved the high-end mobile phone.

Strong electronic industry Institute of mobile phone and electronic industry analyst Pan Jiutang later revealed, cumulative sales Huawei Mate7 has more than 2000000, but below the line accounts for most, so if you just stare at the Internet panic buying, might be surprised.

Allegedly, the main users of Huawei Mate7 is “rich capricious in the older age groups. This is also the domestic mobile phone the first time in the 3000-4000 yuan price on front against apple, Samsung, and has obtained the success,it is also worth trying to enter the high-end millet study (the middle of this month, millet brought a breakthrough millet Note, standard edition price 2299 yuan, top distribution version 3299 yuan).

In fact, Huawei Mate7 sold within a month sold 1000000. Although slow, but the price of homebred machine can deliver such transcripts, really worthy of praise.


xiaomi: not only can make the xiaomi mobile phone

The mention of xiaomi, first of all  ,i think  you must  think  about mobile , this is also the xiaomi mobile phone brand, this is already thorough popular feeling again, for us ordinary people, xiaomi  this development not seen years of brand success is obvious on the phone this hand made, along with the development of xiaomi. From the previous common xiaomi mobile phone to now xiaomi gradually involves flat, this series of xiaomi mobile power supply and so on brand products have appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

All know that the xiaomi mobile phone do is very good, but xiaomi do other industry products really okay? The answer is very line, with new products xiaomi flat and mobile power supply these xiaomi into the market to show himself, millet mobile phone to us not only the brand in this industry to do good, in other industries, xiaomi can still do well.

Now this time xiaomi not began to relate to people’s livelihood industry, along with the xiaomi launched the first air purifier, declared a xiaomi has entered people’s livelihood industry in this new field, xiaomi into people’s livelihood industry, developed can help our country people’s livelihood industry faster, but also let me in the people’s livelihood industry to see hope.

In this area the livelihood of the people of our country industry, with the exception of some related to people’s livelihood industries outside, there are a number of enterprises has been doing the people’s livelihood industries, such as water enterprises, success in the drinking water of our country, let us in the drinking water of this piece has been greatly guarantee.

Affordable cell phone styles: Android and QWERTY

The first to be found in India was during the 1990’s. Since that interval till now, there is a boatload of increase in even the demand of the small techno gadget and the technology of the mobile devices which nowadays is a requirement. During the period of the debut the apparatus costs were sky high and with a small amount of attributes. Flipside, a various kinds are of mobile phones accessible the marketplace changing in layout, characteristics and costs. Mobile phones introduced and were designed ease of communicating and to cater the requirement.

People don’t forget to add a cell phone, when they now count on the essentials of life. Nevertheless it needs to be considered that there is a mobile phone not a requirement however an extravagance of life. Mobile phones introduced now are altering the business; making mobile phones’ esthetics an amusement device with all the functionality of communication that is simple. In current world many attributes like text messaging, MMS, Email, access to the internet, short range wireless communication which entails Bluetooth or Infrared, company programs, gaming and photography are piled in a single apparatus. Mobile Phones the offer all all these characteristics are called smartphones. Considering that the debut of smartphones, folks have forgotten that the mobile phone is the source to remain connected with one another or communication channel.

Since the marketplace has been taken on by smartphones, everyone desires to get an upgraded cellphone. This merely signifies the rise in demand of the attribute rich phones, but the issue is smartphones so causes it to be unaffordable to get them and are priced high. Together with Android Smartphones in India’s addition tendencies of cellular telephone business has shifted. Every month for the past couple of months, we learn that a drop is in business Cellular Telephone sales. The motive is known by everyone, businesses that are particular does not have Android. Android has emerged as another huge thing in India, Before when it had been found, It had been supposed that it wouldn’t be affordable and is limited to high end smartphones. Android Smartphones have become the finest performing, and yet now we’ve got numerous cheap and best android phones on android platform flooding the market, it’s raised the access to low-cost mobile phone not compromising on the attributes.

The year 2010 was all concerning Android’s development. In 2011, analysts anticipate the Android OS to ‘burst’. In under a year, a large share has been caught by Android handsets in the cellular marketplace plus they’re still placing the low-cost mobile phones on the sales graph on fire.

In India Android has managed to catch a market share that was decent. Now, a growing number of men and women in India are recognizing the Android OS therefore are purchasing an Android established cellphone for mobile phones and is the future of themselves. But the Indian market is flooded with Android handsets which fully improve the Android experience to individuals trying to find economical and feature rich mobile phones with inexpensive mobile phones.

ZOPO 3X ZP999 Lion Heart: It’s Trendy And The Best

Market is full of best, cheapest and quality android phones, which actually raised “never seen before” competition in the market, worldwide. With this, it provides completely distinctive domain along with several options to make it a versatile choice of any.
People now may confuse to select the best android for them, but everything can be settled down by reading great reviews and expert comments. Here, we’ll talk about one of the best phone which is now a matter of attraction among various people is- Huawei Ascend Mate 7.
To ZOPO 3X ZP999 Lion Heart, one can be said Cheap and best android phone, as it is really cheap ($329.00) and best if we evaluate the mobile as per the features, it is offering. What else it is offering, let’s have a look at:
• 5.5 inches LTPS Full HD
• 1920 x 1080 pixels screen display
• 14 MP rear SONY Camera + F/2.0 Lens

Apart these, people say, in some aspects it’s looking like a combo of Samsung Galaxy S4, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and the iphone4. The back side of the phone contains anti-skidding back as well as its cover made up of plastic seems to be good in terms with look and very handy. Talking about its display, it is surprisingly good in terms with other mobiles. 1920 x 1080 pixels on a 5.5 inch display provides crystal clear display results which also can also be read easily in daylight.
At last, ZOPO 3X ZP999 Lion Heart is comparatively good phone to use as its body is compact and nice, providing everything professionally for which you have paid. Recommendation is- one can opt this phone in such a price which looks out a noble decision and you won’t regret later.

Smart Phone At The Smartest Price

The world has turned smart now. Computing and Internet have become handy through the smart phones. Thank a tonne to the competition among the smart phone makers around the world and increased smart phone market for making the smart phone prices to be reasonable. Though Apple has been the costliest and wealthiest brand, Android has been the most popular OS being used by many users around the globe. Want to buy a new smart phone? Android would be your best pick as millions of app developers and lots of options are available to you. Now, you could get a feature rich smart phone at an affordable price.
Take a look at the new Mi 4 and you say it. Xiomi, the new Chinese brand has created sensation in the market with the highest number of sales in the entire market. It has been a top 3 player in the world market next to Apple and Samsung in not less than 3 years. Ultimate quality with no marketing and distribution expenses made it come that cheap to consumers. Its new model Mi 4 is the hot topic in the market.
Mi 4 comes with a 3 GB RAM powered by snapdragon 801 Quad Core processor makes it a best performing smart phone. You can never see any lags while operating the mobile. The resolution would certainly be a visual treat to your eyes with HD 1920*1260 Full HD Display. Out of memory becomes an obsolete term for you as it gives you 64 GB of inbuilt memory. The camera can capture amazing pictures with its 13MP Rear camera. Selfies would even turn clear with 8 MP front camera. This high end smart phone operates on latest Kitkat 4.4 version. The price would be just $ 478. Isn’t it the cheap and best android phone?

Cheap And Best Android Phone: Here Is The Best One

As we are living in such an environment, where we are well-equipped with each and every facility, thus, there is no point to use those old and traditional way to live life.
As everything has been changed and become so hi-tech, how can we forget the mobile phones? Talking about Android phones, they are the one which improved a lot. Not only this, with the improvement, it provides us facility to buy the one, by paying such a low cost which is unbelievable. We are around tens of thousands of android pieces which are slightly different in prices, features, and other capabilities, but still they are accessible to buy easily.
Let’s talk about one such Cheap and best android phone, “Huawei Honor 3C”, which attracts large no. of crowd due to its great features and amazing price that is – $200.99 only. While checking out recent reviews, people found it quite interesting to use and provides extreme satisfaction and happiness while using the same.
Why To Buy Huawei Honor 3C?
There are lots of features, which are liked by the people and provide a solid reason to buy the same. Some are:
• Phone contains superb screen which is easily accessible and capacitive
• It is very handy and its handling is far better than the Moto G
• This phone contains great value and actually worth to buy the one
Huawei Honor 3C is actually a cheap phone with better functionality, offering frankly amazing deal, which may be you cannot get anywhere else. In respect of design and other core respects, can say, it has one of the finest designs as well as some great qualities this phone contains which are completely non-comparable.
In short, it can be a good deal for one, who values money and would like to have a perfect deal by investing some.



Cheap And Best Android Phone: Doogee DG550

The android mobile phones are the trend of this generation and are most popular in use. Everyone keeps at least one mobile phone with them, it’s easy to manage and lets people share information from anywhere and in any situation. Android phone is a revolution in the mobile phone world, so many apps, and easy to use features are available with Android phones, so rather than using the old models the android one is far better and is convenient to operate as well. Here is one of the best android smartphone Doogee DG550 with the latest features in it.
The latest mobile phone series has launched a model Doogee  smartphone DG550 Smartphone use MTK6592, with 5.5 inch 1280*720 touch screen, 1G RAM + 16G ROM, Cortex-A7 Octa core, Android 4.4 OS, 1.7GHz processor, 13.0MP back camera and 5.0MP front camera to click every picture with clarity; GPS, WiFi, WiFi direct, hotspot, 3G etc. are the available features to emphasize this phone’s valuable choice. It is available in white and black color, G-sensor support, Dual sim functionality, up to 4 days Standby time, 2600 mAh Li-ion Battery with super thin and simple design. Its cost is only $172.99 that is very reasonable with all the basic plus advance functions.
To buy this product do not hesitate and think too much as its Cheap and best Android phone from all of the available smartphone series. Its look is attractive and size is easy to port, simple designing with thin structure made it to look more impressive. It provides best security features and better graphics, the sound quality is also good. To buy this product there is no loss with such a cheap price, so before going to purchase any mobile phone take a look at the Doogee DG550 model and experience its look and feel with the smooth working and cheap price.